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Looking to place someone into aged care?

Our placement services help you to find & secure a place that meets your needs & budget.

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Comprehensive Support

We help you find aged care that meets your needs and your budget by taking you through a comprehensive process that takes you from your initial questions through to moving into the facility.

What would you like in a facility?

We meet with you in your home, hospital or respite centre at a time that works for you including after hours, weekends and public holidays.

We explore your situation, review your ACAT assessment, and help you understand all of the options and the processes for placement.

We find out what’s important to you from a facility. We discuss everything from location, cultural, religious, dietary and social preferences, through to whether you need couple accommodation or secure dementia accommodation.

  • Meet at home, hospital or respite centre.
  • Weekend, after hours and public holiday appointments.
  • We explore your needs.
  • We explain your options.

What is your budget?

Aged care costs and working out what is within your budget are some of the most complex parts of moving into care. We thoroughly explain aged care fees and charges and help you to understand what all the jargon means.

We assist you complete the extensive asset forms and other forms for Centrelink/DVA to work out the level of government support and funding you can access.

We are not financial planners and we encourage you to seek specialist financial advice as you may choose to adjust the structuring of your assets to get the best possible financial outcomes for you and your family.

We will explain what and how it will be charged. Your financial advisor will help you work out the best way for you to pay for it.

  • We explain the jargon, fees and payments applying to aged care.
  • We help you fill in the paperwork.

We can refer you to specialist financial planners.

Finding the best available options to match your needs and budget

Once we know your needs, we draw on our database of aged care facilities in Queensland combined with our personal knowledge of the different facilities to draw up a potential shortlist for you.

However, we go one-step further than many other aged care consultants.

Before we give you the shortlist, we sound out every shortlisted facility to identify if there are vacancies available and to advocate to the facility on your behalf. Often we find that because of our relationships and contacts, we can get access to facilities that otherwise have the “full house” sign showing.

Our shortlist is then whittled down to only those facilities that match your needs, budget AND which have a place available for you.

We have found that by us doing this extra step you don’t get your heart set on a facility you can’t afford, or which does not have a vacancy.

This means that you can often get into a facility that meets all of your needs in just weeks not months. You save time, running around and reduce your stress.

  • We find facilities that meet your needs and your budget.
  • We vet the facilities to ensure they have a vacancy and they meet your needs.
  • We advocate priority admission on your behalf.

We shortlist facilities for you to inspect.

Explore your options with you

We provide you with detailed information about each of the facilities to assist you determine which ones you would like to explore in more detail. You don’t have to make phone calls, or sift through websites – we do all the hard work for you.

We make appointments for you to tour the facility and accompany you on your tour if you require, to help identify relevant features and ask questions on your behalf.

  • We make appointments for you to tour the facilities.
  • We accompany you on the tours if you require.

Decide and confirm your place

After you have explored the facilities, we sit down with you to discuss your preferred facility.

We talk you through the different terms and conditions of the Residential Care Services Agreement Contract for your preferred facility, to make sure you understand exactly what is included in your care.

We then take care of all the paperwork for you, confirming your choice and notifying the other facilities on your behalf.

  • We explain the contracts.
  • We take care of the paperwork.

Arranging the move

Moving house at any time is stressful. We help you organise your admission and create a packing list of what can be taken into your facility so you don’t over or under pack during your move.

We liaise with your hospital/respite care, discharge planners, ambulance transport and other carers to assist the move into care.

We can also assist you with independent professionals such as solicitors, financial planners, de-clutterers, family counsellors and removalists.

  • We organise your admission.
  • We help you move.

Follow Up

There are always questions that arise during and after the move. That’s why we pop in to visit after the move to make sure that everything has gone smoothly and to answer any further questions.

  • We follow up to make sure the move went smoothly.

Don’t need our comprehensive support package?

Some of our clients simply want someone to explain the process and the jargon to them, and help them with the paperwork, and they are happy to do the legwork of finding and securing a place themselves.

  • We offer a consultation only package that covers Step 1 and Step 2 of our process for those happy to DIY.

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