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FAQs about placing someone into aged care

in South East Queensland – Aged Care Guidance Placement Consultants.

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What is an ACAT?

Before a person can move into care, they are assessed by government assessors to determine their current abilities and their needs for assistance.

This assessment is called an ACAT assessment and can be organised through the My Aged Care website.

It is recommended that a carer or family member be present during the ACAT assessment to help clarify and provide additional insight if required.

Can you place couples into care?

Often one partner in a couple has high care needs, while another low care needs. We are experienced in finding positive solutions for couples moving into aged care that does not involve separating the couple.

We offer a significantly discounted couple’s rate to assist couples find the care they need.

Do I need an Advanced Health Directive and an Enduring Power of Attorney before moving into care?

There is no legal need for you to have these documents, but we strongly advise our clients to put these into place before moving into care.

What if the person is reluctant to move into care?

Moving into care is a big lifestyle change and loss of independence. Many people naturally face this change with reluctance, even though they may not be able to cope without constant nursing care,

We are experienced in helping the family and the person manage this change, supporting and guiding every step of the way.

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